Imaginative Research Associates


Patented products/technologies available for licensing and/or partnerships to build a pipeline of potential dermatology products include:


  • Benzoyl peroxide/tretinoin combination treatment for acne, considered to be the most desired treatment for acne by dermatologists
  • Clindamycin/tretinoin combination treatment for acne
  • Vitamin D/steroid treatment for psoriasis
  • Retinoids/steroid combination treatment for psoriasis
  • Unique emollient gel formulation to provide a skin protectant/humectant and a moisturizing vehicle for any active ingredients beneficial to the skin and treat a variety of skin conditions


In the current pharmaceutical environment, it is extremely difficult to obtain a patent, and having patented technology is highly beneficial and desirable to avoid generic competition.


Based on the current dermatology market, we know that our product technology is highly desirable for the dermatology market and could be quite lucrative.